Meet Tom

Tom Vermillion is an associate pastor at Mid-Cities Community Church in Midland, Texas. Tom has been pastoring  churches for over 30 years. For many of those years, he served in churches that did not believe in the present miraculous ministry of the Holy Spirit. Yet, he personally had a growing hunger for a gospel, not only of grace, but also of the power displayed on the pages of the New Testament.


After increasing encounters with the power of God,  Tom made a decision to leave the church where he had served for 20 years and was directed by God to accept a position serving on the staff at Mid-Cities.  For the past 10 years he has helped to lead and develop a ministry called  Free Indeed – an eight week experience for finding the healing and freedom promised in Christ to every believer. Hundreds of Christians  have been transformed by Christ through this ministry in which they have discovered Christ’s gospel of grace and power.


His book, Born to Be Free, was birthed out of the teaching and experiences of that ministry. Tom is convinced that too many followers of Jesus have been taught and believe a gospel without that falls short of God’s promises to His children.. As a result, Christian marriages go unhealed and long time believers never experience victory over secret addictions, emotional pain,  and relational brokenness. Millions of Christians fall short of the freedom and transformation purchased for them by Jesus on the cross. That freedom and healing is the birthright of every believer.


Tom and his Free Indeed team offer themselves as a resource to help individuals find the healing and freedom purchased by Christ and have a heart to help others develop freedom ministries in their own churches. Tom has written extensively and is a gifted communicator and pastoral counselor.