Born To Be Free
About the Book

 Don’t settle for a life limited by pain and bondage one more day.




Freedom and Healing: The Birthright of Every Believer


A shattered self-image, toxic relationships, emotional brokenness, and a painful past seals us off from the abundant life Jesus promised if left unchallenged by the power of God. Born To Be Free is for those who are no longer willing to settle for life as it is, but who desire to walk in the peace and fullness God has promised – a life transformed by the healing and freedom purchased by his blood for every follower of Christ.


In Born To Be Free you will discover:

  • God’s promise of freedom and healing at the heart of the gospel.

  • The power and authority given to every believer to overcome the assaults of the enemy.

  • How to experience God in intimate conversation where healing can be found.

  • Solid, biblical understanding of the spiritual roots of pain, failure, and broken relationships.

  • How to secure God’s healing and freedom for a transformed life by partnering with God through agreement, prayer, and powerful declarations.